Duke Garwood for £5? Surely not …

So I was walking past Fopp (the mini-HMV) at lunch and thought I’d have a look around.  No intention of buying anything, but just to grab a look at the full range of the re-issued Cash American Recordings and, of course, Out Among the Stars.  I actually only spotted IV and VI, but did note the increased vinyl selection.

Anyhoo, couldn’t believe what I spotted right at the front of the ‘G’ selection.  Duke Garwood’s 2009 album The Sand That Falls.  For just £5.  Now, I’ve only seen the cover of this on the net, so thought “surely not?” and picked it up expecting some sort of 3 track 12″ or the likes.  But sure enough it was the album.  That, my friends, was taken straight to the till.

I first became aware of his solo work a few years ago when he supported Mark Lanegan at Glasgow’s Oran Mor and was fairly taken with his etheral blues.  The only album I’d managed to pick up, though, was last year’s Black Pudding (the collaboration with Mark Lanegan).  So, I’m pretty delighted that I managed to pick this one up …

… the first spin is always the exploratory spin.  But right off I’m digging this.  Think Charles Manson meets Scott Walker and you’re almost there.  You can expect this will be one that I’ll be writing about a bit more in a few days.  Truly wonderful stuff.

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