Say Hello to Heaven

I was late jumping aboard the Soundgarden bus, but I spent a whole lot of listening hours with Cornell since I first heard that band in the mid-90s. Nothing struck me or stayed with me quite like Superunknown, right enough.

Well, that and his contribution to Singles. Man, Seasons was one of my favourites for such a long time and it’s still one that I tend to pick out for a listen. When Soundgarden split I hoped Euphoria Morning would be like that one. It wasn’t, but I learned that was no bad thing cause that’s a helluva great album.

I dropped off after the buzz of that first Audioslave album wore off. In all honestly, I only paid a little bit of attention to stuff over the last 15 years, but I jumped back on the Cornell Express when King Animal landed. I’m awfy fond of that album, y’see.

Anyway, I guess today’s been an odd one. Processing Cornell’s passing and reflecting. The Moments he soundtracked coming into focus.

While I didn’t love everything he put out, nor did I keep up with it, 38-year-old Jim obsesses over Superunknown, just as17-year-old James did.

He was a helluva talent. A great songwriter, musician and one of the finest vocalists I’ve ever heard. I still felt there was a lot more to come from him… another defining moment. Not this, though.

But, y’know, it doesn’t matter how he left. It matters that he was here.

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