Man.  Wednesday was a strange ol’ day.  The boy and I done some Adventuring in the morning.  That involves going for a walk wherever he wants to go.  Like his daddy, he’s taken to trains.  So we tend to go to the station that’s just a couple of minutes from our home and wait for the trains to roll in.  Some days we hop on board.  No major journeying, just a few stops.  We get off.  Walk a bit and look at the scenery and then hop aboard the next train and we’re homeward bound.

The last couple of weeks he’s been pointing towards this little cafe that’s on the corner.  Y’see, my wife took him there for a wee treat a month or so ago and he’s been keen for me to go.  What he didn’t know was that my wife and I decided that this Wednesday was the day.  So, we headed home (after a stop to pick up some oranges) for a brief stop and back out we went with Mummy (telling him what was planned).  He practically raced around.  Looking at him sitting at the table he was chuffed to show me this place he’d found.  He pointed at the menu – gesturing at me to pick it up.

And he wasn’t wrong. It was a neat place. Crucially, the coffee was damn fine.

Anyhoo, as he was napping I checked into the world of the internet and learned via My Jerusalem’s Facebook that Dave Rosser had died. He was 50. I was in shock. Gutted.

Y’see, Dave Rosser, for those who don’t know, has been an integral part of Greg Dulli’s musical shenanigans over the last ten years or so (Dulli refers to him as family). As such, he’s been heavily involved in some of my favourite music in that time – The Twilight Singers, The Gutter Twins, The Afghan Whigs 2.0 and My Jerusalem.

It was announced late last year that he was battling inoperable colon cancer, but it didn’t feel like it was the end of the road.  Even though he wasn’t out on tour with the band, he was telling Guitar World just last month that he was feeling pretty good.

“I just finished the first six months of chemo and am taking a break. I’m feeling pretty good and my spirits are good. I record a lot at the house and have been making a lot of music with friends. I’m staying busy and have purpose. I’ll try to get out and meet the band on a few stops in Europe where they’ll be for a few days.”

I really became aware of him via Dulli’s Twilight Singers and his contribution to The Gutter Twins’ Saturnalia.  He also accompanied Dulli and Lanegan for a round of ‘An Evening With’ gigs and during a Lanegan solo tour.  As well as that, he played on albums by The Gutter Twins, My Jerusalem, Mark Lanegan, Jeff Klien and Joseph Arthur.  I caught him live a few times with each of those projects and I met him very briefly after The Gutter Twins played Glasgow’s Oran Mor and he seemed like a nice guy.  By all accounts, those who had been in his company for any amount of time confirmed that he was humble, funny and a gentleman.  The fans had a lot of love for him.

My wife held me when I relayed the news cause she knew I was a bit upset about it.  Later, when the kiddo was asleep I had a chance to think about it some more.

Anyway, although I didn’t know him, his passing hurt.  It might be timing, I dunno.  It was enough for me to need a hug.  Enough for me to send love to a group of Whigs / Dulli fans who I knew would be reeling.  Enough to remind me that life – or death – can be a fucker and has no mercy or sentiment.  Enough to remind me to cherish those around me and to tell them as often as I can that I love them (even at the risk of sounding like a broken record).

What am I rambling about?  Well, it was a great Wednesday despite it being tinged with sadness.  It brought up a whole lot of thinking.  About a whole lot of things.  I love this family of mine and I appreciated the Wednesday Adventuring with my boy.  I hold him and I tell him I love him and that I’m proud of him.  Of the little man he is. In a few months I’m gonna hold my daughter and I’ll tell her that I love her too.

Anyhoo, the positives are that I’m aware of my mortality and the often unforgiving nature of life (death).  I’m gonna continue Adventuring with my family (even if it’s raining) and holding them tight.

I’m gonna do my best to tell the folks around me that they’re important to me.  That includes the folks who drop by here and chat about the music, records or whatever.  Thank you.

Also, let’s not forget that Dave Rosser rocked and he will continue to rock.  The Universe will take good care of him.

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